IP telephony is transforming the way users communicate within and between organizations. It provides the foundation for unified communications and allows professionals to initiate voice, data or even video interactions on a common infrastructure. The upside is that communications directors can consolidate infrastructures, reduce communications costs and drive workforce performance.  The challenge is that your network and infrastructure must be up to the task. Optimizing and managing both the systems and networks requires considerable knowledge of both.


Other significant advantages of IP Telephony include: 

Reduced Costs. The cost of using a VoIP telephone can be much less than that of using a conventional phone. Making long distance phone calls can also be less expensive when using a VoIP provider.


Phone portability. VoIP provides number mobility: Now you can use the same number virtually anywhere with Internet connectivity. Wherever the phone goes, the same services can be available, such as call features, voicemail access, call logs, and security features.

Increase Effectiveness through improved communication between staff, prospects and clients

Decrease Costs by reducing or eliminating your current phone expenses

Enhance flexibility using your “office” line anytime/anywhere

Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure by utilizing your current local area network (LAN)


Expand Your Communication Capabilities

Our voip solutions improve your ability to stay connected. Smart communication is the foundation for all successful transactions. We’ll evaluate your current phone network to determine the best configuration for your specific business needs, so you can increase the benefits of good communication while reducing your costs.