The changing times

A  difficult economy means an increasing number of companies are outsourcing as it is hard to justify a full-time IT technician, when even an hour of time not being spent on productive ends can become  costly. The truth is, employees in all industries have moments of free-time that occur when on the clock. Outsourcing your IT-needs can alleviate that, after all, you only pay outsourced personnel when they  are working. This is why outsourcing server support or VoIP technical support, or network/desktop support can help businesses cut down on expenses.
This is mainly because production varies. A full production website, a  complex architecture with disparate systems, databases, operating systems, small business telephone systems,  interconnections of all sorts - these were built by your people and are now being run by your people; indeed, you cannot outsource that tangled mess. Production support technicians have become rarities, not  only so that their environment can be run more efficiently by outsourced personnel with a variety of in-depth knowledge, but because companies have closed down.
The trend shows that new outsource companies are employing old techs.  Before considering to let go of vast human resources expense, outsource it, pay as you go instead. Pay for what you use, don’t pay the OASI  fees, don’t match, don’t spend so that your environment is covered by a  few sets of eyes that have always watched your servers. They will find work at an MSP, you will have your environment viewed by a wider knowledgeable staff, and your old IT consulting small business techs might just be among them. Your environment will be better kept and cheaper to run. Production support is a hard call to outsource until you’ve meet some of the folks that are used to watching multiple complex production heterogeneous environments.
It is critical to keep your backups complete, ensuring they restore, and  watching the full life cycle of your business so as to capture all  critical data. In your company, this was done in its natural way before,  by the IT folks that practically live there. They are intimately familiar with what you have and what your needs are. These data recovery service experts can tell you what is coming before it comes.
In the past, general wisdom held that outsourcing your production environment was crossing the line; large corporations across the US have  had bean counters who have done the math for ages and concluded that  when it is more than a staff of three it should be in-house. That was before the available outsource resources were so highly skilled. It is a  new day, it is a new world, and the high-end resources available today  are not in the Fortune 500 companies, either those companies have failed, or they have let them go, they are all working for your local  technical support managed service outsourcing company. For additional  information, visit to learn more.

About Seba Systems

Headquartered in  Glendale, California, Seba Systems is a leading information technology services provider and staffing provider for small and medium-size business. Seba Systems provides custom IT Support solutions, at affordable technical support and consulting services. We work in partnership with clients to interpret business strategy into the accurate IT plan. This procedure permits our computer technical support team to meet the IT needs with an excellent match from network safety and IT  consulting, IT outsourcing and Virtualization and SAN Storage  Consulting. 

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